Anastasia Beverly Hills-Liquid Lipstick

So, finally I am reviewing my first product. You probably wonder why I picked Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick as my first beauty product. Well, I have to admit I have never tried this one myself, but my sisters friends for some reason love it and it seems like the rest of beauty addicts do too (many colors are sold out at Sephora). Anyway, after doing my research I summarized the most important facts for you:


Anastasia Beverly Hills

I have read several times that the colors are very pigmented. In general people do like the selection of colors. This was also mentioned even if they thought it didn’t have the best formula. The most popular colors are Ashton, Dusty Rose and Allison. Close behind is Crush.

Unfortunately, many were complaining about that the liquid lipstick is dry, but at the same time as a solution it was advised to first exfoliate your lips and then put some moisturizer on it before you apply it. Some were saying that they didn’t think it was that dry. I have to say from other liquid lipstick in general they are very dry, but at the same time that is what makes them long lasting. For a fact, the majority said that the lipstick is long lasting, longer than any other liquid lipstick they have tried. Some said it does last pretty good through drinks and food, as long as it is not too greasy. If the product is transfer proof, was only mentioned by a few. I think since it was not a problem and the product is pretty dry on the lips, it should be transfer proof.

They also mentioned that after a few hours it starts getting flaky, again suggestions were made to only put a thin layer on your lips. Never reapply when it starts flaking, it will make it worse. I will have to try this because I have experienced it before.

Before you buy the lipstick and pick a color, try it at the store and let it dry first, that way you can see the actual color of it. It was said it looks different when it’s dry.

Overall this product has very good reviews. There were only a bunch of people that did not like it, but the majority had only good things to say about it. I will definitely edit this post and share my opinion when I have tried this product myself. I hope with the tips I made, Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick will also be your favorite lipstick in the future. 🙂

xoxo, Fatima

P.S. At Sephora (online), they sometimes have a travel size lipstick from ABH which you can get with your beauty insider points. Their options change daily. So keep an eye on it!


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