L’oréal Pure Clay Detox Mask

I want to give a quick review on the detox mask with active charcoal by L’oréal. I received a sample in the mail today and I wanted to try it out before I start my day. So here we go:


The clay is really smooth and you can easily apply it on your face. I’ve used a different mask with active charcoal before and I had a hard time applying since it had a very thick texture. Not with this product. After applying it my skin felt fine, but a few minutes later as the mask was drying I felt a little burning sensation. However, I did not take it off and kept it on the recommended 10-15 minutes because I thought it might be doing its magic. I do not like the smell of the mask, I mean it does smell good, but it is way too strong. Just the smell, wanted me to take it off.

After I washing it off (super messy ugh), I noticed some redness on my forehead. You could see the line where the mask was on. So I think I was having an allergic reaction to it. 30 minutes later the redness was gone. I am not sure what caused this, but honestly my skin did feel very clean and ‘velvety’. I love it. Site note: I have sensitive skin and I am not surprised that this happened. I used to not have any issues with active charcoal masks, but one day while I was using active charcoal mask to clear pores by Origin (I own this product) I had red patches all over my face. Scary! I used to use this mask all the time and one day to another I started reacting to it. I still don’t know why. I had to throw it out.

Reading other reviews on different websites, shows me that I am only one of few people that had any reaction to the detox mask by L’oréal. The majority said that the product had a cleaning effect, evened out their complexion and after a few weeks it brightened their skin. Lucky them.

Though, I like the feeling it gives my skin, I am not sure if I am going to purchase this product. I am usually have some redness on my cheeks and I don’t want to make it worse. I will give it another try since I have some left in my sample. Maybe my skin has to get used to it. Overall for a drugstore mask, I am pretty impressed, but be careful if you have sensitive skin. It is affordable and does the trick what other expensive masks promise. Also, another advice I would not use it right before going it.

Here is a list where you can order it right to your door..wohooo:

xo, Fatima



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