belif-The True Cream Aqua Bomb

When I was looking for a new moisturizer (I definitely didn’t want to spend $50 again), the lady at Sephora recommended me The True Cream Aqua Bomb by belif. She said that she is the biggest fan of this cream. So I was like ‘alright giiirl, let me try it’. The plus with this product is, that it is a gel-cream. I don’t like heavy creams since my face tends to get greasy. Also, $22 for the smaller version, it is such a good deal. Let me tell you this cream is the AQUA BOMB. This cream lives up to its name.


belif-The true cream aqua bomb

It is ridiculous how many like this product. They say its even good for oily skin, which is hard to find (hydrating, but not greasy). I guess because of the gel formula. Additionally, it absorbs quickly, gives a refreshing feeling and is hydrating. I agree with all of it. When I don’t use belif I get serious dry patches, which makes it impossible to apply foundation. My go to cream used to be by Clinique – Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream. Honestly, for $48.50 its just not that great. It didn’t do anything for my redness, but does the same hydrating as belif.

According to, it is also a solution for enlarged pores. I have not recognized any difference and nobody really mentioned anything about it.

Though, it is said the cream is so great, there were a couple that said that it made their skin greasy after they put on their foundation, and if you are sensitive to fragrance and silicone this might not be your moisturizer (sorry pal). In my case my face is oily in the morning, but I am not sure if that is the cream or just my skin in general. It did help me with my redness that much, but I can tell a tiny difference. I am just glad it keeps my skin in balance and I don’t have the flakiness on my face (it used to be bad). A bonus, the smell is very light and disappears after putting it on, which I like.

I guess now I belong to the belif fan group haha. My advice, you need to give it a try. You can always get the small one  and it won’t hurt your wallet. I always get that one because it lasts forever. I promise the possibility you will like it is 99%. 🙂

‘belif for life’, Fatima



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