REVIEW: Burberry Fresh Glow Fluid Base

I picked the Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base as my 100 points perk at Sephora. I have to admit tho that I am secretly a big Burberry fan. So, it was not a hard pick when I had to make a choice.

I saw online that this fluid is super popular. It promises to give you the signature Burberry dewy glow. I mean who doesn’t want to look all Burberry ( I do)? After looking a little bit more into this product, many were complimenting it that it did give them the glow, it is fast-absorbing, super smooth to apply, lightweight, hydrating and evens out skin tone. There is some shimmer, but not in a tacky way.


Burberry-Fresh Glow

However, there were a bunch of people that said it made their face all oily and shiny and its not for people with large pores. I have to agree with the oily part. The first time I used it as a primer and then put on my BB cream by Bobby Brown (a mistake?). Oh geez midday my face was all shiny, I looked gross haha. Maybe, if I used an actual foundation it might would help because there was also some people that said they didn’t have any issues with it even though they have oily skin. I think it was just too much with the bb cream because after I use it I have to put on some powder over it. The second time, I only used the fluid base on my cheekbones as a highlighter and tadaaa I love it. It just gives me the needed shine and the glow is very subtle.

I have a feeling this product will be my favorite item for the next few weeks (till I run out of it haha), maybe not as a primer, but definitely as a highlighter. The majority said the same thing, that they love the product, but not as primer since the shimmer wasn’t really there anymore after putting on the foundation. Concluding, this fluid base is rather to be used as a highlighter. Not sure if I would purchase it because for $48 I don’t think I would be using it as much (I might change my mind lol).

Regardless, I think we all need some Burberry in our life.




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