REVIEW: Verb Leave-In Mist

Today, I decided I want to review a hair product, since I haven’t really done it so far. The first time I heard from Verb was when they had a beauty event at Sephora (Union Square). They were offering to braid your hair and use some of their products. So, I decided to take advantage of it. On a side note, the girls were wearing really cool shirts which you can purchase here.

Anyway, lets talk about the product. They gave me a sample of the VERB Leave-In verbMist. It promises shine & smooth, to detangle hair and preps hair for styling. First time I used it I loved it, now when I think back it was more because of the smell. When I ran out, I purchased the actual bottle and personally, after using it for a while I did not see any difference with my hair. It has an amazing smell, but that’s about it. It might be because I don’t really have tangled hair, however when I don’t style my hair it will be really frizzy. So I hoped it would be smooth and shiny without styling it. Nope, not really.  I had to return it. And guess what a few weeks later I received it in my Sephora Play! box ha. Of course, I am using it again, but still no change. I would avoid putting it on the roots because it makes your hair easily greasy. This is probably because of the thick texture. I usually spray it first on my hand and then apply it to my hair.

Reading reviews by others makes me think that it is more for people that have thick and mid dry hair. Some people with fine hair did not like it as much, which does not surprise me because of the heavy texture of the product. My conclusions is, that it does help people with tangled hair (a few said it did not), but regarding it giving shine & smooth opinions are divided. Also, this product has silicone in it, so not sure if this is good for long term use since silicone acts as a barrier and will block out moisture. I recognized that there were a bunch who said that they liked it in the beginning, but then it weighed down their hair, which I think indicates long term use makes product sit on the surface of the hair and is not soaked in anymore.

I use my sample only as prep before styling and I guess for $14 (big bottle), its not too expensive to use it as that and a little goes a long way. The smell kinda makes the $14 worth it haha. My advice, next time when you are at Sephora just get a sample and try it out yourself. Higher chances you will like it when you have thick and tangled hair.

xo, Fatima



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