REVIEW: Too Faced-Passport to Bronze

Every end of the year Sephora gives Beauty Insiders some $$ off.  This year I had no idea what to get. I know, how scary I don’t know what to get at Sephora lol…like HOW? Well what I meant is, I didn’t want to get something unnecessary. So one of the things I picked out was the Passport to Bronze by Too Faced.  

passport-to-bronzeWhat does the set contain?

  • 0.08 oz Chocolate Soleil infused with antioxidant-rich cocoa powder
  • 0.08 oz Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer
  • 0.08 oz Milk Chocolate Soleil infused with antioxidant-rich cocoa powder
  • Flatbuki Brush (portable)

Two of those bronzers are matte and one has sheen in it which is divided in a lighter and darker color..double win.

The main reason why I picked this, is because I rather have several colors and use it through out the year (ya know lighter in the winter, darker in the summer), than owning a big one. I also thought it was cool that it comes with a brush and it is actually a pretty good brush. It is called for a reason the teddy bear hair brush. Impressed.

Anyway, lets talks about the down side that was mentioned by beauty insiders. Nobody really complained about the formula of the product, it is very subtle (both the chocolate and milk chocolate), feels soft on your skin and if you need it a lil bit sass on some other days you can use the shimmer one (love it). However, some were really bothered by the size of the pots. Girls, these pots are really not that big (0.8 oz). So, if you are looking to replace your regular size bronzer this is not for you. It is either for on the go or for girls like me that don’t use that much bronzer (this will last for a lil while) and like variety.

Another, negative feature that was mentioned was the smell. Apparently, they don’t smell like chocolate as the full size one. Hmmm, I don’t know how strong the full size one smells, but the chocolate soleil has a chocolate scent, the milk chocolate not as much and the sun bunny not at all. So i can see why it could bother some.

Lastly, a couple said that it is only for fair skin people. I can’t really agree with that. As I mentioned before they are very subtle, but even if you have medium skin tone this will work for you. Well as long as you don’t look for something more obvious. You could also try to put a bit more on and it will be more visible (tried it).

As a side note, I have used some this morning and I still can see it on my face (it is the end of the day over here). So definitely long-lasting.

In short, only get this item if you need something for your purse or just like to put some bronzer on now and then. If you live off bronzer, then this will not do it ha definitely too small.

Cute set of bronzers!

xo, Fatima

P.S. Here you can see the colors of the different bronzers.


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