REVIEW: Bite Beauty-Amuse Bouche Lipstick

Who doesn’t own enough lipsticks? Moi, and especially small ones that fit in my purse and I don’t feel so bad when I have too many of them. Last year, I purchased The Perfect Bite Set by Bite Beauty .  Unfortunately, they don’t have them anymore, but we can still talk about the full size ones. Also, sometimes Sephora sells them in small separately, right before the register (my fav section lol).

My lipstick set includes these colors:

  • Fig
  • Peppers
  • Honeycomb
  • Nori

So far my favorite is Honeycomb. Its a nice nude color. Here is a close up on the colors (in the order I have them listed above). I love how the set includes a shade for several occasions. Great pick BB!

bite-lipstickI have to agree with many that the lipsticks are super pigmented. It has whatever color your heart desires. 🙂 After applying, it has a very moisturizing look and I like how it doesn’t have any drying feeling on your lips (dreamy creamy). I like to rub my lips together now and then, which I do miss with some of those matte lipsticks. Somebody said that it feels like you are wearing chapstick just with color. Double win! Regarding the smell, it has this citrus smell which many thought it is pleasant. I haven’t decided yet it if I like it or not, but the smell disappears after a lil while so it is not a deal breaker.

Now to the downside of it. My experience with Bite lipsticks hasn’t always been the best, it can get smeary and messy sometimes. You have to be careful with it. If you are wearing flashy colors, it is advised to take a look in the mirror occasionally. There could be a surprise, like having it on your chin lol (psst happened before).  I guess thats the flaw of being a moisturizing lipstick. This said you probably have to reapply more than once a day because it tends to wear off, especially when you drink and eat. It was also said that it can get streaky, but this was not mentioned as much, nor has it happened to me even though I used a nude color.

Personally, i love love bite lipsticks. They have beautiful colors for summer. My first one I bought at J.Crew in the Hamptons. I think they had limited edition colors for them and it is still today my favorite summer lipstick. So velvety on my lips. Don’t know what I will do when I run out of it.
Before you purchase a Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick keep in mind its not a long lasting lipstick, so if you are looking for that in a lipstick I would say move on. However, another big plus I don’t want to withhold from you is that the lipsticks has mostly natural ingredients…read more about it here .
Girls, that means you can start licking and nibbling on your BB lipstick. 😉 It’s an “edgy edible innovation”.

xo, Fatima


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