REVIEW: The Estée Edit-Late Night Eraser Eye Balm

Time for another review….today I picked out my new eye care product, Late Night Eraser-the Estée editIt came as a part of the Mini Glow Kit I purchased at Sephora. If the-estee-edityou have been following my blog, you know I like to buy kits and try products first before I purchase the full size. That way I won’t feel too bad if it doesn’t work for me.

What is it?
The eye balm is “formulated with pink peony, cucumber, apple, hyaluronic acid, and micro-powdered pearls.” I mean it includes pink peonies, it can be only good (just saying lol).

What is it for?
It is supposed to reduce puffiness and brighten your eyes. Additionally, the apple, peony, and cucumber are supposed to sooth.

So having this out of the way what does it ACTUALLY do? OMG I am surprised how good it actually worked for me. Applying it in the morning before putting my make up or not (now I sometimes don’t even use concealer), it showed a significant difference on my dark circles and puffiness. I am not sure what makes it brighter, some say its the shimmer in it. Whatever it is, it is working. This is the first product that has ever worked for me. My eyes do look rested and that pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, there were many that did not like this product as much. They said, they liked the cooling effect and how it hydrating it is, but didn’t see a difference on their dark circles. A few, were even bothered by the shimmer, I guess because after you wash it off the brightening effect is gone, since the balm washes off. There is some shimmer in it, but it is not that intense. Very subtle.

Another thingthe-estee-edit-late-night-eraser that was mentioned and which I agree with, if you don’t wait for a little bit before putting on your concealer, it can make it a bit cakey. I also recognized that if I put too much on, it starts building up on my eyelid crease. Thats why I started using less of it, which brings me to the next thing I have an issue with.

The cooling tip is great, but I am having a problem using it. To make it glide easily over your eye, you have a to use a good amount of balm and that leads to having it sit on your eyelid crease after an hour. I conclude if you use to much it does not absorb it really. Now, I just press the cooling tip under my eyes, put some dots of balm on it and then tap it in with my finger. I don’t mind doing this, since I like the texture of it (kinda powdery).

Overall, I really like this product and consider buying the full size…when I run out of this one. However, I think for night time I will definitely need one thats more hydrating. I also wish it had a stronger scent, I can barely smell it.  Its not a deal breaker though.

The opinions on this item are 50/50. I recognized though, even if they they said it didn’t do anything for them, they liked the feeling of it and the cooling effect. I guess if you want to splurge ($42 not that cheap) on some eye balm, you could give it a try. From me it gets 5 Stars and not just because of the peonies in it haha.

xo, Fatima



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