REVIEW: NARS-Audacious Lipstick

Today, I picked out my red lipstick by NARS (I love their products)…to be more specific, it is from their Audacious Lipstick line (you can buy it here). Mine looks a little different since I bought the holiday packaging of Rita (color). First time I opened the lipstick I thought it was plastic haha, I mean look at the picture the surface is so shiny and smooth.


It is super easy to apply this lipstick. This is perfect for me, since I am not the best in putting on lipstick lol. It is smooth and highly pigmented. I mean without exaggerating, you only have to put on one layer and your lips are covered. Believe me less is more on this one. I also have to agree with those that said it is very moisturizing.

Another plus, is the packaging. It has this magnet to it, which makes is super safe (ya know not opening up in your bag).

The majority really loves this product (I even recall one of my friends saying she could buy every color), however it also has some flaws (aaand still, looking for the perfect lipstick *sigh*).

Some complained that it was drying. I really don’t think it is, but I know what they mean. After a little while it gets dryer than when you put it on, however I really don’t think this is an issue. Only if you are looking for this all day super moisturizing lipstick.

The majority said it is long lasting, and some said it is not. Let me clarify here, after I applied the lipstick I didn’t eat, and yes it was lasting. So, then I decided to eat some soup and chicken and yeaaa well…it did rub off. After I finished, I had a good amount of lipstick left, but it was not as intense anymore. It got super creamy on my lips, maybe it was because the food was hot (or maybe I don’t know how to eat my food gracefully lol), and the color started bleeding. Nope, I did not use lip liner as it was suggested by many (apparently you don’t have to). Ehhh, you do.
Yes, I agree the lipstick is so creamy that you can draw easily a line without smearing and IF you don’t eat, it will not bleed without lip liner. Drinking wasn’t an issue with it.

But for real, I understand why so many like this ‘audacious’ lipstick. It is so rich in color and dreamy creamy. I just wish it wasn’t turning into a mess when you eat. I will give it a try with a lip liner next time and apply a thinner lay.

I am curious about the nude colors (anybody tried one before? let me know) and put it on my list for when I decide to splurge on some lipstick because with $34 it is a splurge for me. Oh and of course a lip liner because I don’t even own one lol. #girlsproblems

Xo, Fatima


3 thoughts on “REVIEW: NARS-Audacious Lipstick

  1. talkmakeuptome says:

    They sound really interesting, I personally don’t mind if a lipstick isn’t extra long lasting because I’m practically eating all the time so I reapply anyway. Great review! x

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