REVIEW: Rita Hazan-Ultimate Shine Hair Gloss

Its Friday y’all…wohoo!

So, anybody ever heard about gloss for your hair? Well, I didn’t know anything about it till last summer haha yea sometimes I am bit behind.
When I went to a hair salon on the Upper East Side, the hairstylist told me my hair was a bit dull and is in need for some shine. After she convinced me how much I needed this, I let her put some gloss on my hair. My hair was definitely shinier, but I am not so sure if it was because of the blow out she gave me or the gloss.

However, for $45 it wasn’t something I could afford all the time. I started researching online if there was a cheaper option and thats where I stumbled over Rita Hazan-True Color Ultimate Shine Gloss.  For $26 it is a bargain. I was so pumped when I saw that Sephora had it too….ya know I am all about the beauty points haha, but at Rita Hazan (online) you get 15% off for your first purchase when you subscribe to their email list. Thats actually a pretty good deal…

rita-hazan-hair-glossThe product promises to ‘enhance color and create beautiful shine’. Here is the deal with this in-shower-hair-gloss, yes you read it right, you use this in shower…pretty awesome huh? Anyway, so its a lightweight (super light) foam which you apply while showering. It is recommended to use it in the following order: shampoo, gloss, conditioner. I tell you later why it makes sense to do it in that order.

A handful of foam is supposedly enough. The leave on time varies between either ‘rinse immediately or leave on for three minutes for an extra color boost’ and use 2-4 times a week.

Opinions are divided on this gloss and I am also torn and don’t know what to think of it.
I have the clear gloss and honestly can’t see much of a difference. I have to admit I max use it twice a week. Maybe if I bumped that up to 4 times, I will see noticeable results.

Some had an issue with how drying it is. I agree after I wash it out, my hair feels dry, but here comes the conditioner into play. It totally makes sense to use it after or your hair will feel like straw…no kidding.

The smell was also mentioned. I personally don’t have an issue with it, but I know why some don’t like it. It is very strong and kinda smells like a hair salon lol not sure what causes this, since it is free of ammonia and peroxide. As I said it does not bother me, but you would have to decide this one for yourself and how sensitive you are to strong scents.

I like how it has different colors and even one that helps to prevent brassiness (which I just saw lol). I could have needed that a lil while ago. Past summer I got a balayage and it definitely was not blonde. There will be another review on the product I used to remove my brassiness.

I still haven’t given up on this gloss. I really want to love it and will give it another try with the brown gloss. Its usually sold out when I go to Sephora (I only found one in the city that carries this brand).

Anyway, have you ever used this product? I would really liked to hear your opinion.

xo, Fatima


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