Opal Hamsa Necklace

Hello peeps, today I quickly want to share with you my recent purchase. I know it has nothing to do with beauty reviews, but its just too pretty not to. 🙂

So I bought myself one of those Opal Hamsa Necklaces. After I googled where I could get it and of course I found various options. The most expensive one I found is here: The Nikki NecklacePretty expensive, BUT ‘10% of all proceeds support one of The Neshama Project’s partner charities’. So if you have some extra cash, I would suggest to get the necklace from here, plus I believe its real opal. They also offer 14K gold chains.

However, since I am somebody that doesn’t wear many necklaces I decided to go with a way cheaper option: The Lab Opal Hamsa Necklace by Jasmine JewelryI received it today and omg its better than I thought. You get to pick your color and the chain you want (prices vary). It is a lab opal though, so if you are looking for the real thing this is not for you. However, this one looks pretty good to me and I like how it is secured in the middle so the ‘hand’ does not move around. The only thing is, I wish I would have ordered a shorter necklace, but oh well this will do. Here is a picture of my necklace:


Gold plated cable 18”/Turquoise

I love the story behind this necklace. How it is supposed to protect you from the evil eye, give the owner success and harmony. Read more about it here

Well I guess with this necklace nothing can go wrong in 2017 🙂

xo, Fatima



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