REVIEW: Lavanila-The Healthy Deodorant Sport Luxe

Peeps, its time for a deodorant review. The one I am talking about has probably the best scent I have ever smelled and is 100% healthy. Lets take a deeper look at Lavanila-The Healthy Deodorant Sport Luxe (received 2015 the best of beauty allure award).

The first Lavanila deodorant I purchased, was the regular pure vanilla one, but it dried (don’t know why) so I got the sport luxe version. The reason why I got it was because of the scent, but little did it do for my sweating and oh boy let me tell do I sweat lol (I really think its time for botox ha).

lavanila-the-health-deodorantSince, I sweat a lot it didn’t help with my body odor either. Using only this deodorant I had to wash my armpits after a few hours. Thats why I started to apply first some anti-perspirant (without any scent) and then apply the healthy deodorant. I know, I know it makes no sense to use a deodorant that doesn’t have any aluminum and parabens, when my anti-perspirant has all these ingredients lol, but I just love the smell so much.

Anyway, looking at some other reviews, I see that many complained about sweating the same and even have more BO after using this deodorant. Unfortunately, I have to agree that it makes you smell a bit more when you start sweating with it on (but it really smells so good when you apply it haha).

Somebody made a good point though, that this deodorant is not an anti-perspirant. It is natural and it will not make you sweat less. The company itself advertises that “they think sweating is healthy and that their deodorant allows your skin to breath and rid itself of toxins.” There is no word about it making you sweat less. No false advertising. I also have to admit I have not seen any natural deodorant that helps with sweating so far.

Another tip was to detox your armpits before you start using it, not sure how to do this, but I will look into it haha.

My advise is, before you purchase this product, you must be aware of the fact that it will not make you sweat less. I am not one of those lucky people that can only wear natural deodorant, since aluminum und parabens can cause serious health issues. So, if you are one of those ‘chosen ones’ that don’t have much body sweat and need something to give them some protection, this is a great option.

Believe me you will love the scent and smooth feeling applying it. I am not sure if I will purchase it again, but I am keeping my options open. 😉

You can either purchase it at Sephora (beauty points) or at their website, where you get 15% off your first purchase (when you sign up for their newsletter).

xo, Fatima


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