Quick Tip: Threading

Has anybody tried threading before? Well I am big fan of it for years now (at least threading my upper lip). They have it all over NYC and I am not surprised. It is super quick and you can even do it yourself.

You only need a thread and some practice. Here is how I do it:

  • You cut a piece of thread and tie both ends together.
  • Then, you take it between both thumbs and index fingers so you kinda look into a hole. Looking like this:


  • So now you twist one side, so it looks like this:


  • This is the tricky part now and will need lots of practice. You take the threat and hold it to your upper lip (needs to touch your skin). Like this:


  • Start pushing the threat back and forth with your fingers. The hair will get tangled up in the middle part and remove it. It will take some time till you get the hang of it (don’t give up), but when you do it is the most convenient thing and it saves you money.
  • After I am done with threading, I used to get red dots on my upper lip. Super annoying, so now I apply cortisone creme once or twice through out the day and no redness the next day.  Here is the brand I use: Cortizone 10


I sometimes use the same technique for my upper part of the eye brow, for tiny hair I can’t get with a tweezer. However, for the lower part I don’t. The skin is so soft there you would have to have somebody to stretch it out for you, so your skin doesn’t get into the thread. Very painful.

Anyway, have you ever tried this before? How do you like it?

Happy threading 🙂

x, Fatima




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