REVIEW: Sunday Riley-Good Genes

I am back lol (finally)…and today I want to review a smoothing lactic acid treatment by Sunday Riley-Good Genes. It is good for dullness, uneven texture, dark spots and fine lines. Now you are wondering why I am using this. Well I don’t really have wrinkles yet, but you can never start too early,  plus I wanted to see if it helps me with my redness. I have been having a rough time with my skin this winter. Lots of dry spots and since I have changed my diet its kinda acting up.

So back to Good Genes…it is for every skin type which is a big plus and it does not have any parabens, sulfates and phthalates (I had to google this one ha). Also, this product is cruelty free. Good job Riley πŸ˜‰
good-genes-sunday-rileyTaking a look at reviews by others, MANY love this product and I certainly have to agree. I always have some redness on my cheeks I don’t like (super annoying) and this product made my skin (visibly) less red. I even noticed results after 3 days. However, I also use the Luna oil at night, which I will review in another post. Some stated that it helped with their acne and acne scars and they referred to it as a miracle product. Others said it also made their pores smaller, which I can’t really confirm since I never had issues with that, but it does help with exfoliating. I have been having this dry patch for a while now and its finally going away. After putting it on, it does not leave a greasy ‘film’ on your skin, I can not stand the heavy feeling on my face.

The product didn’t work for only a few people. One suggested to wait like 2o minutes before you put moisturizer on (which is not mentioned on the product) or you might not see any results. I admit that I don’t use any moisturizer afterwards…well so far. It feels enough and not necessary, but if you have really dry skin I would suggest to apply some. Another thing that was mentioned, people with sensitive skin experienced stinging feeling and redness. I am surprised it did not happen to me. It must apply to those that have really sensitive skin.

Now here comes my (and others) pet peeve with this product…whats up with that smell??!?! It smells awful, the first time I used it I thought it had gone bad lol like for real. I went on the Sephora website, to see that many felt the same way ha. One person even compared it to funeral smell lol. Didn’t know funeral smells like that, but thanks for the info…for some it is a deal breaker. I like the results of it, so I just suck it up. The smell disappears after a few minutes.
Another thing is the price. I bought mine in a set, but $105 for 1oz is a bit too much. Secretly, I hope they still have the set when I run out of it.

My advice on this one is: before you purchase this product, you should def get a sample (and of the luna oil) because of the price. You might not like the smell or it might not give you the results you wish for.

Luckily, it worked for me and I hope it will do the same for you.

xo, Fatima


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