Meaningnoun examination, study, fresh look, second look…


When you live in Manhattan you most likely will pass a Sephora and if you are weak like me, you will for sure make a ‘quick’ stop. And here starts my problem.


Me-So you know who is behind all of this  🙂

I decided to start March Past after I realized, that I always read reviews before I purchase a beauty product (who doesn’t nowadays in the internet era…). However, I never make it past the first few because I do not have the patience to read through thousands of reviews. I concluded though that you have to read them in detail and not just look at the stars, which I usually do and I am sure many of you do as well. For example, maybe that one face moisturizer works for her, but it doesn’t for me because I have oily skin and she mentioned that she has dry skin. Obviously, I was misled by just looking at the stars. I mean how often did I (we) had to go through the hassle to return an item because it just wasn’t for you and believe me I always felt bad for doing that.

March Past takes a second look at beauty products reviews and compares it with my personal opinion in more or less of 500 words, short and easy.
I hope I can help you to make a smarter decision before buying expensive products that might not even work for you. So, thank you for letting me help you to make the right beauty picks.


Disclosure policy: All opinions on March Past are my own. I do not earn any commission on any of these products (Promise).